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The only wellness program focused on promoting cellular regeneration, weight management, and complete wellness, utilizing a personalized approach via Epigenetic Signature Mapping Technology.


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Understand The Uniqueness of Your Body

Set your Practice apart from the rest by offering your patients/clients deeper insight into their overall wellness. Now is the right time to join the growing number of medical professionals, and wellness business owners who offer Epigenetic Signature Mapping to their patients and clients.

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The Science of Epigenetics

Delivering Personalized Wellness

Epigenetics is the science that proves we aren’t destined to be victims of our genetic inheritance. At its inception in 1990, The Human Genome project, was anticipated to confirm the existence of over 100,000 individual genes.

However, it was discovered that only 23,000 genes make up the human genome, barely more than the common fruit fly and far less than those found in a grain of rice.

Yet, within these genes, varieties of mutations can occur making the expression of genes as unique as the individual.

This raised the question: “What else could be controlling gene expression?”

The answer? Epigenetics.

Epigenetics is the interaction between environmental signals and the process of adaptation that living systems use to thrive. It covers modifications of DNA, DNA-binding proteins and histones, which are important in making changes in chromatin structure without any changes in the nucleotide sequence of a given DNA. Some of these alterations can be transferred from generation to generation.

Back in the 1700’s Jean-Baptiste Lamarck proposed that life forms could acquire ”information” from their environment and incorporate it into their epigenome.

When Quantum Physics was incorporated into the field of molecular biology by theoretical scientist, Erwin Schrödinger (What is Life?, 1944), the stage was set for a greater exploration of what we now know as epigenetics.

Customized Regenr8-ive Nutrition Report™

Our Customized Regener8-ive Nutrition Report is a revolutionary approach to personalized nutrition that optimizes body function, performance, and overall well-being by understanding how a person’s unique, environmentally-impacted gene expression determines the nutritional requirements of their body.

In this three-step program, we first analyze what the body is lacking for optimal functioning through Epigenetic, Signature Mapping utilizing a non-invasive hair sampling which determines how the environment has influenced a person’s gene expression.

This detailed custom report provides you with comprehensive data to help you provide the best care possible for your patients/clients.

Fasting and Stem Cell Regeneration

“Step Two” of the Regenr8 Program is our TRF. The Regenr8-ive Fast Program is designed to produce fasting results, without actually fasting. Your patients/clients will achieve all the benefits of fasting without starvation.

When we fast, the body turns to stored fat for energy, which is an excellent way to lose weight naturally. Fasting also increases growth hormones and testosterone levels, which prompts the body to regenerate itself.

When autophagy occurs, the body begins to attack the bad cells which then die off and become food for the body. Autophagy gives your body the opportunity to clear cellular debris and abnormal cells(like cancerous cells).

What makes autophagy so exciting is that new stem cells are generated naturally!

Stem cells are often called “master cells” because they can grow into any of the body’s 200 types of cells. Not only do stem cells increase during a fast, but they also continue to multiply after the fast as well.

What makes The Regenr8-ive Fast so exciting is that your clients can reap the benefits of autophagy without the hunger pangs of traditional fasting methods. Think of it as a Regenr8-ive Eating Plan.


Preparing your body for OPTIM8 begins with The Regenr8-ive Fast™.


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  • Fast Start Beverage: Whole Coffee Fruit Concentrate + MCT Oil
  • 10 Chef Crafted Highly Nutritious Soups
  • 5 Renew Energizing Tea Bags
  • 5 Sleepy Time Tea Bags

The Benefits Of Fasting Without Fasting

Years of studies have shown that the age-old practice of intermittent fasting promotes a wide range of health benefits. Our Regenr8-ive Fast makes realizing these benefits easy by taking the guesswork out of dietary do’s and don’ts while fasting, all while providing you with great tasting Rejuvenate Soups, Renew Teas, and our Fast Start functional coffee fruit beverage.


Increased weight loss

Not only does restricting your dietary intake to 8 hours per day help cut calories over the course of the day, but studies also show that fasting can boost metabolism and increase weight loss(12).


Improved blood sugar

Intermittent fasting has been found to reduce fasting insulin levels by up to 31% and lower blood sugar by 3–6%, potentially decreasing your risk of diabetes (3).


Better brain function

Animal studies show that intermittent fasting may help generate new nerve cells to promote improved brain function (4, 5).

Personalized Super Food Nutrition


Customized nutrition is “Step Three” in the Regenr8-ive Lifestyle Program. Once your patients/clients receive their Epigenetic Signature Mapping Report, our team of expert formulators will create a product you can stand behind. An organic, gluten-free, non-gmo, personalized superfood nutrition blend that meets the nutritional needs for each of your patients/clients individually.

Not only is our product good for their overall health, but it’s easy to consume. Optim8 can be mixed with water, blended in their favorite smoothie or enjoyed in a variety of ways.

Your patients/clients will feel the difference in just a few days of beginning their Custom Nutrition and will be grateful to you for a lifetime!



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