Onboarding / PRP Dashboard

Complete the Practice Onboarding Form.

Once you complete your Onboarding Form you will receive a welcome email with credentials to access your Provider Reports Portal (PRP).  Your PRP dashboard is where you will access your client's Epigenetic Biomarker Profile Reports & Genetic Expression Assessment Results.

PRP Dashboard Tutorial

In-office / Telemedicine Marketing


How to market the Regenr8 Products to your clients?

Direct marketing from your practice to your clients.

Step 1: Genetic Expression Assessment Form. Either Manually have the client fill out GEA Form (Download) or email YOUR unique GEA form located in your Provider Reports Portal, when the client fills out GEA form it will upload into your Patient Reports Portal. Go over GEA form and recommend EBP test $299.95

Step 2: To place a client order. Your direct marketing link: Or you can have the client fill out an order form ( and manually enter them.

  • 1. Log into your back office.
  • 2. Click on Practice/Team
  • 3. Click on Customer Management.
  • 4. To manually add a customer, click on Add New Customer in the upper right-hand corner.

EBP™Presentation (

Step 3: Recommend Custom Nutrition Intervention. This Can be done at the same time you recommend the EBP Test. Our Optim8 Epigenetic Custom Superfood is $129.95 on a monthly Patient Continuity Program and addresses the nutrient deficiencies identified in the EBP Report Recommend this custom nutrition intervention, made SPECIFICALLY to address this patient’s nutrient deficiencies, and bring their genetic expression back into balance.  The identified functional area health conditions in large part are the results of nutrient deficiencies crucial to the metabolic processes for that cellular function.

Step 4: Recommend The Regenr8-tive Fast.

Step 5: EBP Review.   Once you receive your patient's EBP report, you can schedule an in-office or telemedicine consultation with your patient to discuss the results.

How to read your EBP™ report (

Participate in the Turnkey Patient Marketing Program. 

WE will do the following on behalf of the practice:

  • Send out the initial Genetic Expression Assessment (GEA) emails, on behalf of the practice, to your patient base to allow them to self-identify their need for the EBP. (View Initial Email)
  • Capture and review all GEA patient submissions.
  • Conduct consultation with those patients who clearly could benefit from the advanced EBP diagnostic.
  • Recommend the EBP, along with our Optim8 epigenetic custom nutrition.
  • Collect patient info to place the order for the EBP and Optim8.
  • Follow up with the patient to ensure they have sent in their EBP test kit.
  • Schedule the telemed consultation appointment with you for a review of their results.

All YOU need to do is email the following to

  • And then Conduct the EBP consultation with the patient.

Below is a RECORDED webinar on the turnkey Patient Marketing Program

Providers, you can register to participate in the Patient Marketing Program by completing this online registration form.

Mobile Share Technology

1. Create your Elify Account:

Watch Setup Tutorial: CLICK HERE
Elify Codes:
Provider: Code: Regenr8HC1
Consultant: Code: Regenr8HC
Product Code: Regenr8YourLife
VPack™ Code: wgcpu9
Immunitea™ Code: gk386S



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