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Dear Regenr8 Healthcare Providers,

Regenr8 today announced an exciting new partnership with Physician’s Lab of Boca Raton, Florida.  This ground-breaking partnership has enabled a first of its kind epigenetic analysis called the Epigenetic Biomarker Profile™ (EBP™) to determine the impact of one’s environment on their unique gene function, by utilizing Physicians Lab’s advanced diagnostic capabilities to identify various metabolites generated from the metabolic and enzymatic cellular processes of the tested individual.   The advanced metabolomic diagnostics in the EBP panel provide assessments of overall cellular energy production, methylation activity, key vitamin markers, inflammation and oxidative stress, sleep markers, muscular performance, bacterial gut dysbiosis, essential and non-essential amino acids, and neuro-transmitter metabolites – providing one of the most comprehensive analyses for overall functional health performance of the tested individual.  See links below to download complete press release and additional attachments.


From the results of the EBP analysis, Regenr8 formulates its personalized nutrigenomics intervention – our Optim8 Epigenetic Custom Superfood.  The personalized formulation is based upon the key nutrients, vitamins, minerals, anti-oxidants, and essential and non-essential amino acids identified as patient-specific needs in the EBP Report.   This epigenetic analysis and superfood personalization truly enables a precision nutrigenomics wellness model for your patients, addressing the key functional need areas identified in the EBP analysis.


Since we know many of you are moving quickly to mobilize a telemedicine model for your practice, we have enabled a virtual no-touch workflow for the Regenr8 Epigenetic Biomarker Profile and Optim8 Epigenetic Custom Superfood that is telemedicine-friendly.  Following is a summary of this workflow:

Enrollment and Set-Up:

  1. Enrollment.  If not already enrolled, please go to and click 'Enroll with Regenr8'.  Please enter ask your Healthcare Consultant or Healthcare Provider that referred you to Regenr8 for their 4-digit Pro-ID to enter in Referrer Information screen that comes up.
  2. Agreements.  Once you have registered, you will receive your own 4-digit Pro-ID.  Use this ID and the password you set up to log-in to your Regenr8 Practice Portal at, and indicate concurrence to our Agreements (red link on bottom left).
  3. Reports Portal.   You will be emailed a separate userid and password to log into your Reports Portal, which includes the Genetic Expression Assessment (GEA) and Epigenetic Biomarker Profile reports for your patients.  This is also accessed at, Access Reports.

Telemedicine Protocol:

  1. Patient Identification.   Once you enroll with Regenr8, you will receive a Genetic Expression Assessment link unique to your practice, that you can email out to your patient database (sample email copy attached).
  2. Recommend Epigenetic Biomarker Profile.  Conduct Telemedicine Consultation with patient for those whose GEA results indicate need for EBP.  Recommend EBP test to patient (script attached).  Your compliant test interpretation and consultation and fee will be $75.
  3. Review Results with Patient.   Schedule a teleconsultation with you patient to review their EBP Results.  Please review this video on the Epigenetic Biomarker Profile  (  We will also have shortly a specific ‘How to Read Your EBP Report’ video that goes into much more detail.
  4. Recommend Custom Nutrition Intervention.   Our Optim8 Epigenetic Custom Superfood is $129.95 on a monthly Patient Continuity Program, and addresses the nutrient deficiencies identified in the EBP Report (you receive $40, no touch to practice).   Recommend this custom nutrition intervention, made SPECIFICALLY to address this patient’s nutrient deficiencies and bring their genetic expression back into balance.  The identified functional area health conditions in large part are the results of nutrient deficiencies crucial to the metabolic processes for that particular cellular function.
  5. Re-Test.  Patient will be reminded every 90 days to conduct a re-test of the EBP to determine if indeed previously identified deficiencies are being addressed, or perhaps if we need to uplift dosages in their formulation.  Due to an individual’s constantly changing environment, epigenetically influenced genetic expression will change over time, and new nutritional needs identified.

We will conduct an on-boarding Zoom call with you and your staff to review this protocol in detail.   If you have immediate questions, please reach out to our Vice President of Partner and Practice Success, Michele Heizer ( at 314.406.2210;  or EVP Lisa Giammalva ( at 760.604.1962.

Thank you so much for being a part of Regenr8, and helping us to realize our vision of Building Healthier Communities by Inspiring a Regenerative Lifestyle.


The Regenr8 Family

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