Phase 2: Sales Process


Step 1: Get Elify Shuffle Card - "Mobile Marketing Simplified (Download this Setup Guide)

Step 2: Send Your Personal Elify Card Teaser Video to Provider

Step 3: Invite to National Healthcare Provider Webinar (Registration Link) IMPORTANT: Webinar Registration closes after the webinar has begun. Please have your physician pre-register ahead of time or they won't be able to join once the webinar begins.

Step 4: Send this white paper. Download



Step 5: Send Healthcare Pro Income Analyzer, Assist Physician to Estimate Compensation

Step 6: Secure Signed Mandatory Practice Enrollment Form (Best Practice: Complete the paper form at the practice, obtain the physician's signature, then submit a copy of the form to or complete our online version Click Here with the physician present.)

Step 7: Schedule a call with a Regenr8 Healthcare Executive if necessary (must have seen Webinar first, and have received other supporting materials)

Step 8: Secure Order using Regenr8-Pro PO, or have Provider enter in their back-office (Orders) - Send POs to for order processing.

Step 9: Order Turnkey System Marketing Bundle $500 - Click Here

Optional & Re-Order Items


Script Pads (500)

Genetic Expression Assessments Tear Sheet (500)

Regenr8 Trifold (500)

Regenr8-ive Fasting Plan Handout (500)

Epigenetic Signature Mapping (500)

Virtual MA Tablets or Video Brochure (2)

Epigenetics Stand-Up Banner

Regenerative Lifestyle Stand-Up Banner

Optim8 Stand-Up Banner

Regenr8 Healthcare Pro 4-Poster Pack

Additional Virtual MA Video Brochures

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