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Set your Practice apart from the rest by offering your patients/clients deeper insight into their overall wellness. Now is the right time to join the growing number of medical professionals, and wellness business owners who offer our Epigenetic Biomarker Profile™ to their patients and clients.


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Epigenetic Biomarker Profile™


Introducing a Regenerative Approach to Optimal Health!

How prepared is your body to meet the demands of an immune attack? We all know that a body that is younger is more capable of responding to infections than an older body. This is because healthier epigenetics enables the person to tap into cellular systems designed to fight off the attack. As we age, our epigenetics change and we lose access to these core protective systems. While we can support our systems with powerful vitamins and minerals, a more powerful approach that can be taken, is to restore health to the epigenetic systems in the body. By doing this, we can free up the defense systems in our bodies to work along with the vitamins and minerals that we take.

Epigenetic Biomarker Profile™ (EBP™)

One of the most valuable tools available right now is the Epigenetics Biomarker Profile™. This test provides an analysis of the current health of our epigenetic systems as well as real life steps to take to empower our immune response!

The EBP™ analyzes metabolic markers of epigenetic expression.

The science flows like this:

science EBP

Core areas that are assessed include:

  • Overall Cellular Energy Production
  • B-Vitamin/Methylation Cofactor Assessment
  • Inflammation and Oxidative Stress Assessment
  • Gut Assessment
  • Muscle Assessment
  • Essential Amino Acids

Specific metabolites have been chosen that reflect the healthy (or lack of) epigenetic expression of these key systems. Once the areas of need become identified, specific nutritional solutions are need-matched to restore an optimized epigenetic expression. Instead of a generalized approach, this is very powerful and efficient because it is unique to each person.

  1. Collect a single urine sample and return it to the lab.
  2. Receive a comprehensive report listing supplements, foods and lifestyle choices that will improve areas of weakness (see areas of assessment in the sample report).
  3. Add recommended interventions to your daily routine and retest to monitor/adjust levels until balance and maintenance is achieved.

Epigenetic Biomarker Profile™

Download Documentation & Assets

EBP™ Report Explained

EBP™ Presentation


Personalized Superfood Nutrition For Your Patients


Based on the results of the Epigenetic Biomarker Profile, algorithms generated by our technology will create your Optim8 Epigenetic Custom Superfood. Optim8 is made from certified USDA organic, non-gmo, vegan, nut and gluten-free, whole foods.

Optim8 personalized nutritional therapy has been specifically designed to restore cellular energy, stress response, immune system function and gut health. We recommend taking Optim8 daily for optimal health benefits.


Follow-up Testing

The greatest benefit of combining Regen8’s EBP™ testing with the Optim8 Custom Superfood is the ability to track metabolic changes over time. The metabolomic pools immediately change in response to lifestyle and nutrition, making the Epigenetic Biomarker Profile™ a highly sensitive barometer of the patient’s response to nutrition-based interventions.  Over time, follow-up testing and nutritional intervention adjustments can help you and your patients reach and maintain optimal stability through personalized medicine.


The Regenr8-ive™ Fast

As Healthcare Providers we understand the benefits of fasting, cleansing and detoxification. Regenr8 has developed program that accomplishes all 3 in just one week. The best part of the program is that your patients can receive all the benefits of fasting, cleansing and detoxification without the pangs of starvation.

When we fast, the body turns to stored fat for energy, which is an excellent way to lose weight naturally. Fasting also increases growth hormones and testosterone levels, which prompts the body to regenerate itself.

When autophagy occurs, the body begins to attack the bad cells which then die off and become food for the body. Autophagy gives your body the opportunity to clear cellular debris and abnormal cells(like cancerous cells).

What makes autophagy so exciting is that new stem cells are generated naturally!

Stem cells are often called “master cells” because they can grow into any of the body’s 200 types of cells. Not only do stem cells increase during a fast, but they also continue to multiply after the fast as well.

What makes The Regenr8-ive Fast so exciting is that your clients can reap the benefits of autophagy without the hunger pangs of traditional fasting methods. Think of it as a Regenr8-ive Eating Plan.

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Mechanisms of Fasting

  • Reduce Insulin Resistance
  • Promote Autophagy
  • Elevate Stem Cell Production
  • Increase Lipolysis, Decrease Visceral Fat
  • Release Fat-Stored Toxins
  • Support Overall Brain Health
  • Increase Neuroplasticity – Enhance Learning, Memory and Focus
  • Protect Against Neurocognitive Diseases
  • Increase Brain Mitochondrial Activity
  • Boost Mood, Improve Memory, Reduce Neurocognitive Decline
  • Promote Better Sleep Through Improved Circadian Rhythms
  • Stabilize Microbiome
  • Elevate HGH Production
  • Elevate Metabolic Rate (BMR)
  • Improved Cardiovascular Health
  • Maintain Glucose, CRP, Triglycerides, IGF-1, Cholesterol at Healthy Levels


“Building Healthier Communities by Inspiring a Regenerative Lifestyle”.

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