Phase 1: Enrollment Process



Phase 1: Enrollment Process

Step 1: Go to, Click on Enroll With Regenr8-Pro, enter your referring representatives PRO ID 

Step 2: Under Replicated Site URL Field, enter your desired website name, or if you are enrolling a Provider, enter their Practice Name.

Step 3: Login to your back office.  Though not mandatory, we highly recommend that you experience the complete suite of Regenr8 products so you can share the profound benefits from a point of personal experience with your providers.   We have structured a great price for Analyze, Regenr8-ive Fasting Plan, and Optim8, normally $529.85, for only $389.85.  This is called our Consultant Experience Program, and is also the same price you can offer to physicians in our Physician Experience Program (PEP).

Step 4: After completing your online enrollment, you will receive a Marketing Services Agreement (MSA) within 24 hours. This document must be signed via Docusign and submitted. If you do not receive the MSA after 24 hours, please check your spam box first, then email with your full name and a Docusign MSA will be emailed to you.

Step 5: If you are Enrolling your Provider, under Contact Name enter the Regenr8 Program Manager information from the Mandatory Practice Enrollment Form (Located in the Resource Center)

Step 6: Scroll to Bottom of Resource Center, and complete enrollment for Email and SMS Notifications.

Step 7: Review the Resource Center tools and documents.

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